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Business Air News - Saturday, 11 June 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Malta's Harmony Jets has also completed an interior overhaul of its own Falcon 50 which is now awaiting a new paint finish. One of its Falcon 100s has now entered

the workshop for its own heavy maintenance overhaul.

The Harmony Aircraft Services team has completed an extended heavy maintenance operation on a Falcon 50, giving it new paint and an interior refurbishment. The check was completed at the beginning of May.

Substantial repairs were undertaken in collaboration with the Dassault Structure Repair team as well as with Harmony’s own NDT (non-destructive testing) partner service. The drone visual inspection service is run by Yohan Le Maitre, and brings a level of expertise to modifications, correction of defects and anti-corrosion treatments not previously experienced. Going forward, this collaboration in automated structure and damage analysis will be developed and commercialised for Harmony’s Part 145 sheet metal workshop services, making it possible for the company to maintain its own fleet fully autonomously.

Despite the unsettled market situation over the last two years, Harmony Jets has almost doubled its activity across VIP, medevac and cargo missions around the world. In order to support this growth it has invested in its management team, bringing on five qualified members just last month: camo manager Ayman Amara; deputy ground operations manager Eurico Santos; head of dispatch Mahesh Manohar; crew dispatcher Malika Rreskini; and junior dispatcher Ferdinando Valente. They will cover operations worldwide 24/7, allowing the company to prepare for the entry of new aircraft onto its fleet. To this end it has commenced a joint venture, Harmony Jets Dubai, to develop commercial activities in the UAE emirate.

Harmony has also officially launched its ATO (approved training organisation), so can now type rate its own pilots as well as offering external training. The ATO team will be lead by chief theoretical knowledge instructor Jean-Pierre Johanny and head of training Bruno Motais de Narbonne, and training starts for the Falcon 100 crew.

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