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Job offer - Falcon Captain

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Harmony Jets

Harmony jets is a fast growing aircraft business company, created in 2017 based in Malta. We are a dynamic young company who employs about 50 persons, 10 engineers and 25 pilots and operates 6 planes: 4 Falcon 100, one Falcon 50 and one Falcon 900.

The particularity of Harmony Jets is that services are provided by the company, charter, maintenance, commercial aspect and training with our Harmony Jet Training Center, all managed internally. It allows reactivity and flexibility to the client’s request, with transparency and competitive prices. We are able to respond to any kind of flights, VIP, Evasan and cargo.

Job description

Our operations are really specifics, we are flying around the world, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East etc.

Beyond the present pilot’s job offer, we are looking for candidates to demonstrate : proactivity, flexibility, availability, rusticity and resilience. .

You will start in our company as captain

  • on F100 for short and mid haul flights with internal possibility of evolution to long haul flights on F50/900 fleet.

  • on F50/900 if already qualified on this type.

Minimum requirements

  • A valid EASA ATPL(A) licence

  • 3000H total time

  • 1000H CS 25 Aircraft + 500 H CS 25 Aircraft Captain Hours

  • ELP Level 5

  • Rapidly available

Desired requirements

  • Experience in business aviation

  • Falcon 100 Qualified

  • Falcon 50 Qualified


To be sent (with your delay of availability) to our HR Department before the end of 2022.

You are requested not to apply if you don’t meet the requirements.

Shortlisted candidates will be rapidly contacted.

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